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This is a KM blog.  My name is Bill Proudfit and I’ve almost completed a MSc in KM from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  I’m interested in how people organize themselves and how they use technology to manage knowledge – there it is the dreaded ‘knowledge management’ word.  There are so many knowledge management blogs – sharing, lots of advice on various software packages, lists of 10 best ways to….  This stuff can be useful when taken with a huge grain of salt.  The idealized world of the knowledge management blog never seems to meet the reality of the workplace.

I’ve lived in Hong Kong on and off for 20 years with some time out in Japan and Switzerland.  Hong Kong is the ultimate multi-cultural environment and the result is not what many people expect.   I’ll try and touch on how this impacts knowledge management.  Finally, I’ll share some of my own perspectives on what its like to live in a place where you are never really sure what the rules are and what you may have just done wrong.

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