A good KM definition from Patrick Lambe’s Green Chameleon Blog

“Knowledge management is simply an attempt to alleviate some of the problems of access, confusion, poor control and poor use of knowledge and information resources in the face of increasing complexity.” (P. Lambe, 2003)

This is a succinct definition that touches on the two key aspects of KM; difficulty in finding and multiple paths to resources.  Technology has not made these appear but has made them much more prevalent and worse.   KM is trying to use organizaitonal behavior with some technology to improve the situtation.


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  1. Frank Lillehagen said

    Dear Madam/ Sir,

    I understand where you come from and I do agree, but this is only one aspect of KM, and a negative one at that. Please read The Nature of Enterprise Knowledge published yesterday at http://activeknowledgemodeling.com/.
    In a couple of weeks I will publish a post on industrial knowledge management. The final title is yet to be decided.

    Frank Lillehagen

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