Personal Web-Pages Need Photos

One of the frequent KM dreams is the ‘personal web-page’. An organization builds a portal and gives each employee a page for their photo, name, contact details, skills, experience, interests and so on. These are described as ‘expert locaters’ or ‘expertise directory’. These ‘personal pages’ can promote knowledge sharing if they are well-maintained.

My experience is that people have difficulties in updating and maintaining these ‘personal pages’.  Sometimes it is lack of time and sometimes it is reticence to reveal so much about themselves.  If the ‘personal page’ starts with a photo, name, contact details and place in the organizational hierarchy which is maintained by the Human Resources group there will be a much better chance the ‘personal page’ is kept up-to-date.  This ‘stub’ information gives the organizaiton a core contact directory and the beginning of a way of enticing people to participate.  The photo is the key to fostering further voluntary participation to update the ‘personal web-page’. The photo makes it personal and then a person begins to feel like they need to describe themselves to others.


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  1. James Robertson has done a lot of work on making staff directories that work – here’s a short article on different ways to keep it updated, but there are other pieces on his site if you do site search for “staff directories”

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