Hong Kong: Cognitive Edge Accreditation Course

I will be attending this course.  I recommend it to everyone.

Cognitive Edge Accreditation course:  Hong Kong, 28-29 September

If you want to discover pragmatic ways to manage under conditions of uncertainty, understand the power of business narrative and discover new ways to use human networks then this two-day Accreditation course will equip you with the core theory & associated methods.

Cognitive Edge SenseMaker™ Workshop: Hong Kong, 30 September

The one-day SenseMaker™ workshop is focused on teaching how to configure, sell and interpret narrative projects that use the Cognitive Edge SenseMaker™ software.  We recommend that participants from the two-day Accreditation Course also attend the SenseMaker™ day if they would like to run narrative software projects.

Venue: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Room Y407,  Lee Shau Kee Building

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Price:  HKG 7380 / USD 950 – Two day Accreditation course

HKG 9680 / USD 1250 – Two day Accreditation course plus SenseMaker™ workshop

A 15% discounts is available for KMRC (Knowledge Management Research Centre) members.

About Cognitive Edge


Cognitive Edge is creating an approach to management & social science by applying insights and understanding from the natural sciences, in particular complex adaptive systems theory, the cognitive sciences and a range of techniques from disciplines such as anthropology.

While offering a range of novel, science based methods, the approach includes the principle of bounded applicability. Different tools and techniques work within different contexts, no one approach can claim universal applicability.

Methods taught on the course are fully supported by open source methods.

(all text from KMRC, Knowledge Management Resource Centre, email announcement)

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