Blogs and Wikis – confusion reigns

A few months back I went to a KMRC event in Hong Kong atteneded by a cross section of government agencies, NGOs and private companies.  Most of the attendees had taken the time to prepare a brief presentation on what sort of KM activities they were doing.  It was really interesting that many groups confused blogs and wikis.   Being able to post to a shared location was understood to be both a blog and a wiki.  Also, most everyone thought a wiki had to be wide open to everyone in the organisation.

Just for my record, a blog is for me a place where a person or a small group of people who speak as a group, keep a rolling diary of views, events, how-to, links and so on.  A blog is a public diary.

Just for my record, a wiki is a shared collaboration site.  It can be shared among a large group or a very small group.  The Wikipedia is the ultimate example of collaborative site shared among a large group.  However, many wikis are just for a few people to collaborate on a project, event or process.

The difference is significant.  A wiki is about group collaboration.  A blog is about sharing knowledge.

Take a look at Stewart Mader’s Future Changes blog for excellent resources on wiki development.


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