Data – its new importance

There seems to be, at least to me, a renewed interest in data.  This is after years of listening to people disparage data in favour of information and then knowledge.  I personally rather like data because I have always thought without solid accurate data it was likely I was going to come to a bad end, make the wrong choice, end up with a failed project or process.

I’ve had a few friends mention to me they are involved in data projects of one sort of the other.  Collecting source data and sharing it effectively is becoming more important in all sorts of fields.  This makes sense to me because there is now so much raw data available and computing power is available to make sense of this raw data.

This site, Digging into Data Challenge, is a start.

Here is an excellent TED Talk from Tim Berners-Lee on the data and the ‘new web’.  He is not sure what this ‘new web’ will be exactly but it will involve the use of a lot more raw data.

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