Cognitive Edge Course – Days 2 & 3

I finished the course yesterday.  Day 2 was a full-on day of using the CE methodologies.   We got a chance to try and apply what we had learned to someone’s real project.   We used a hypothetical school project I’m working on about a police agency facing staff change because of retirement.  This was useful and at the same time very frustrating.  There was so much we had learned in a compressed amount of time that it was difficult to turn it around and apply it out into a real solution.  We tried to apply techniques from Butterfly Stamping, Anecdote Circles and The Future-Backwards.  It may have been more useful to use Social Network Stimulation was the critique from the other group.   Day 3 was for learning how to use the Sensemaker software.  This makes it possible to collect anecdotes, analyze them for patterns and link back to the ‘raw data’ through the patterns.  It can be a very powerful way of seeing the insider’s perspective on the issue.

I recommend anyone who is interested in organizational behavior, decision making, real-time data-collection and pattern recognition to take these Cognitive Edge course and learn how to use the Sensemaker software.  The payback for 3 days is very good.  I’m hoping I can apply these methodologies to my school work this term and later on in the real-world of work.  I can see so many ways they will be useful.

This TED talk from Malcolm Gladwell on spaghetti sauce can point you in the direction of what Cognitive Edge is on about.


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  1. […] 3-day course in September 2009 in Hong Kong and it has been very useful, see here for Day 1 and here for Days 2 & 3. It was practical and gave me a good understanding on how to implement knowledge management […]

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