We have a long way to go on social networking …

From a dear friend in New York City who has made the leap into using pc/mobile/blackberry/fbook/twitter and notices what so many of us won’t say …

“attended a social networking seminar last night . linked in fbook and twitter … hosted by a “search engine optimizer’ . conclusion ? the net is in its’ infancy as a cultural/economic phenomenon . needs diapering .”

There is so much said that this is all so useful when actually some of it, maybe half or more of it, is terribly infantile.  Twitting about the day, the weather, the meal just eaten – Photos shared 3rd hand – Odd names for someone who really is just taking your coat.  The world didn’t start when you all ‘got connected’ it existed a long time before and that world isn’t going away anytime soon.  I read recently that Tom Davenport said, “The absence of participative technologies in the past is not the only reason that organizations and expertise are hierarchical.”  (see Stewart Mader’s blog here) I think this was in the context that social networking tools are going to make hierarchies go away in organizations.  Good for him for saying the obvious – the tools are not going to change much, as those of us know who went from memos on typewriters, newsletters and meetings to email, intranets and networking.  It is what we are doing that will make a big change and what is now done with social networking seems rather thin and vacuous.  Yes, it still needs diapering and probably for quite some time into the future.

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