Going Apple

I switched over to an Apple Macbook in early 2007. I’d wanted to do this for years but hesitated because I thought I would be blocked from my important Windows applications. What was I thinking? There is so few applications that don’t transfer across that it doesn’t make much of an impact. For me, the only application I miss is EWallet from Ilium Software here. They can’t seem to get a OS10 version together so I am stuck with my old PalmPilot until I spring for a iPhone. I run Office for Mac and iWorks and I never have any problem with opening the documents, spreadsheets and presentation files. I used Firefox in the beginning until early 2009. I then switched over to Safari for a while, then back to Firefox and now I’m back to Safari. The reason is that I’ve discovered that Firefox add-ons and updates can cause creeping problems like being unable to download files, sudden crashing, hanging and so on. These issues require carefully removing add-ons, testing, updating and so on. I figure if Safari works then I’ll lose a few niceties of Firefox like the colour tabs add-on and save myself a few hours a month in being a bug-fixer. There are occasional problems with both Safari and Firefox and some webpages, which most of the time have something to do with flash objects. I’m not sure what this really means but in some cases a flash object won’t work under Safari or Firefox. After 2 years of using this Macbook I did notice it was getting a bit slow. I followed these guidelines from a Lifehacker post here and I downloaded and paid my US$20 for Hazel to keep things a bit cleaner. I installed Snow Leopard last month and the upgrade to 10.6.1. I may have had a few problems with hanging and unexpected shut-downs in the last month but I can’t be too sure. I deleted Guest Profiles when I read they could delete files when activated so hopefully that solves that issue. I read that disk permissions should be repaired so I ran Disk Utility today and ‘repaired permissions’ even though the scan said they were all ok. My point is that the Macbook does require some basic maintenance not unlike a Windows pc but it is so much more forgiving. The Apple environment is so much more convenient and easy to use that it seems amazing that so many people continue to struggle on with Windows. When I go back and use a Windows pc I’m shocked at every click and close. I saw Windows 7 over the weekend and it is so obviously a reverse engineering effort from OS10 that I’m amazed there are not going to copyright battles between MS and Apple. Have these MS people no shame at all? I’m looking forward to the Google Chrome OS but most of all I think Apple should bite the bullet and simply write its own OS for Intel pcs and see how that fares in the market place.

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