Medicine isn’t rocket science

I’ve taken the title of this post from Dr. Russell Gonnering’s first post as a guest blogger at Cognitive Edge from 17-31 January. USA health care reform has been in the news for the past year. Unfortunately, it now seems possible that there will be no ‘big-bang’ revision of the health care system in the USA. It is more likely that there will be a serious of continuing smaller programs to address specific needs. This is what happened after the Clinton’s failed to get their health care bill passed in the early 90’s. It is a huge disappointment for me because I’ve known too many people in America whose lives have been blighted by inadequate health insurance and a whole host of related problems with inadequate health care.

If you start here you can enjoy a comprehensive discussion of the health care system from the perspective of the Cynefin framework. The postings are well annotated and put the history of medical education and medical practice into the framework. Dr. Gonnering’s premise is that medical care and health care need to be understood as complex adaptive systems instead of as complicated systems. It is well worth reading all of these postings if you are interested in the USA health care debate. In particular, I like his posting about David Logan’s work on tribes, see here. Here is David Logan’s TED talk last year about tribes.

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