HKKMS10 – Making KM Productive – Using Social Media for Conference Promotion – USM1

This is a run down of conference announcements, postings and taggings about the HKKMS (Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society) & KMRC (Knowledge Management Research Centre) KM Conference 2010, Making KM Productive, 30 March 2010, Hong Kong.

This describes a real-world example of how social media can be used for conference promotion. I will update this posting in the weeks leading up to the conference. If you make or see any postings or announcements about the conference please let me know.

Announcements by email

Bill Proudfit’s (me) mailing with 2 links to blog on 3 Feb 2010 ~ 96 people ~ I’m a member of the HKKMS and KMRC

Les Hales’ HKKMS members & friends mailing with pdf attachment on 4 Feb 2010 ~ unknown number of people ~ Les is the President of the HKKMS

Eric Tsui’s mailing with pdf attachment on 6 Feb 2010 – 90 people ~ Eric is a member of the HKKMS board and a member of the KMRC

Cuby Chow’s KMRC members & friends mailing with pdf attachment on 10 Feb 2010 ~ unknown number of people ~ Cuby is the administrator of the KMRC

Tagging is a way of grouping content across social media applications like Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, etc. There were a few days of discussion among David Gurteen, Patrick Lambe, Dave Snowden, Kim Sbarcea and Eric Tsui on what made a good tag. Shortness is key so it is easy to remember and doesn’t take up much space in Twitter post. Uniqueness is important so it isn’t likely to interfere or be confused with content in the future. Three different tags were proposed and HKKMS10 was chosen because it was short, unique and easy to remember. If you are interested in tagging see here and here

Twitter – #HKKMS10 – if you tweet about the conference put this hash tag on it

Delicious – HKKMS10 – if you come across any websites related to the conference tag it

Flickr – HKKMS10 – if you upload photos about the conference tag them

This tag can be used anywhere tagging is used ~ StumbleUpon, Technoratic, Yahoo!, Youtube, Picasa, and many others

Current postings can be seen below
You can find all of these postings by searching the tag HKKMS10 in Delicious
Some of these links only work if you are member of the site/group

David Gurteen posted the flyer and announcement here

Montogla posted the flyer on Scribd here

Bill Proudfit (me) posted it here and here (you have to find it by date on these pages)

The views of Baoman’s blog pages have been about 3 times more than normal for the 7 day period, 3 Feb – 9 Feb. I’ve received positive feedback from people that I don’t know personally. People are looking for the conference website so they can register.

KM Events in Hong Kong and nearby – 100 views

HKKMS – Events – 69 views

Posted to Yahoo Groups

Com-pac – Communities of Practice – Yahoo Groups see here (1,704 members)

TaxoCoP – Taxonomy Communities of Practice – Yahoo Groups see here (1,038)

Posted to LinkedIn Groups

actKM see here (251 members)

APAC Legal KM Professionals see here (68 members)

Cognitive Edge Pte Ltd see here (94 members)

Information, Knowledge and Content Management Specialists see here (1,883 members)

Information & Knowledge Management Executive Network see here (45 members)

International Records Management Trust see here (36 members)

Hong Kong Connection see here (7,490 members)

KM Edge see here (1,212 members)

Knowledge Management see here (997 members)

Posted to Ning Groups

Cognitive Edge Ning Network, a closed network of CE practitioners see here (374 members)

Posted to Twitter

Search for the hashtag #hkkms10 here

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