HKKMS10 – Making KM Productive – Using Social Media for Conference Promotion – USM2

This is an update on my 11 Feb post on using social media for conference promotion. I will tag each post with USM#. I’m not sure how many posts there will be in the end.

This is a run down of conference announcements, postings and taggings about the HKKMS (Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society) & KMRC (Knowledge Management Research Centre) KM Conference 2010, Making KM Productive, 30 March 2010, Hong Kong.

This describes a real-world example of how social media can be used for conference promotion. I will update this posting in the weeks leading up to the conference. If you make or see any postings or announcements about the conference please let me know.

HKKMS10 tag results
Search Bing for HKKMS10 and there are 7 hits
Search Buzz for HKKMS10 and there are 4 buzzes from 2 buzzers
Search Delicious for HKKMS10 and there are 19 hits
Search Google for HKKMS10 and there are 9 unique and 29 total hits
Search Twitter for #HKKMS10 and are 7 tweets from 4 tweeters
Search Yahoo for HKKMS10 and there are 2 hits

Announcements by email
These are organizations that support and promote knowledge management in Hong Kong. On 18 Feb, they have all been asked to promote the conference with their members.

Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre
Asian Knowledge Management Association
Association of Project Management – HK Branch
China Knowledge Management Center
China Knowledge Management Network
City University of HK Knowledge Transfer Office
Creative Commons Hong Kong
HK Construction Association
HK Foresight Centre
HK Institute of Certified Public Accountants
HK Knowledge Management Forum / Knowledge Dialogues
HK Science & Technology Park
HK Web Society
Hong Kong Library Association
k4fun 坐埋一檯
Knowledge Management Development Centre
Manetic – Macau New Technologies Incubator Centre
The New Club of Paris

Impact on this blog’s traffic
Up to 18 Feb 2010 these show daily, weekly and monthly traffic on this blog. Some of the conference postings but not all lead back to this blog. Most of the increase is immediately after a new posting.

These are views for pages that have information about the conference.

  • KM Events in Hong Kong and nearby – 108 views
  • HKKMS – Events – 81 views
  • Using Social Media USM1 – 42 views

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    1. Social comments and analytics for this post…

      This post was mentioned on Twitter by Baoman: HKKMS10 – Making KM Productive – Using Social Media for Conference Promotion – USM2:

    2. really interesting “experiment” Baoman. I will be adding the final brochure to my blog and I’ll tweet about it too using the hashtag #HKKMS10. Will be really fascinating to see the use of social media for a conference promotion!

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