HKKMS10 – Making KM Productive – Using Social Media for Conference Promotion – USM4

The Making KM Productive conference took place yesterday at the Langham Place Hotel in Mongkok, Hong Kong. My estimate was between 60~70 people attended. I twitted throughout the conference and a few others did as well, 42 tagged tweets #HKKMS10. The hashtag #HKKMS10 was not visibly promoted at the conference, maybe I should have asked a presenter to do that. D_Andriessen tweeted that there was a lot less tweeting at ECIC, European Conference on Intellectual Capital, than at HKKMS10 and at the recent HeleyKM conference in the UK.

Kim Sbarcea and Dave Snowden blogged during the conference and caught between them most of the presentations.

On the up-side the conference was thought-provoking and there were some very good moments of insight into the knowledge management dilemma. The ending fish-bowel and table discussion pulled in the audience’s participation nicely which was quite a feat at the end of a full-day sitting and listening. We can thank Patrick Lambe for his excellent panel facilitation. He reminded me that I had been very skeptical of a ‘closing panel’ a few weeks ago and now I see how it can work out quite well!

On the down-side there were not enough Asian faces and voices doing the speaking. Eric Tsui from HK Polytechnic University gave a presentation describing some of the research work at the KMRC. The two gold sponsors, AUTOMATED and ECM, gave useful and interesting presentations about technology that can make KM productive, which was the the theme of the conference. Larry Campbell is South Asian from the UK and spoke about digital asset management, DAM, at HSBC. Some carping was heard that DAM ‘isn’t KM’ misses the point that Larry is using KM concepts and tools to make something more productive.

Generally, I would have liked to have seen 2 more presentations describing real-world KM projects and their impact on the organization from Hong Kong people for organizations in Hong Kong. However, there was good audience participation for a sit-n-listen conference. My table had 3 people from mainland China who had come down to Hong Kong for the conference. This is a good sign. The conference was excellent overall.

I’m running to David Gurteen ‘Knowledge Cafe’ workshop this morning.


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  1. Great to see you at the conference Bill even if we didn’t have much time to chat. Good luck for Macao and hope to see blog posts full of your news and photos of Macau.

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