Debate is good but ….

I’m still rather surprised how basic concepts such as the explicit / tacit split or the role of ‘culture’ are continuously debated by the global blogging KM community. Explicit knowledge in documents is important but clearly not everything that is in documents is important. There needs to be assignment of value to the documents. The most effective way (actually it seems to me to be the only way) of doing this is by classification and assigning retention periods. Call it taxonomy building if you like. Tacit knowledge can only be found, used or shared by connecting people. The importance of facilitating connection cannot be under-estimated. However, KM can’t just be about connections because memory over time and space requires more than just making transient connections between people. What do people mean by organizational culture? It has never made sense to me and I notice people use the ‘culture’ word without ever defining what they mean when they glibly say ‘culture is important’ or ‘consider culture carefully’. Do they think culture is something that can be broken if mis-handled like fine china?

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